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Hats Off, Gents, but Ladies, Do As You Please


The one time I visited Israel, I quickly adapted to the headwear requirements of three separate faiths by the use of a simple mantra: synagogue, hats on; church, hats off; mosque, hats optional.  I enjoy hats and wear them in all seasons.   I think they look fantastic on men and women.  When a woman wears a hat, whether it is a large bonnet to the “Hat Luncheon” (given annually by the Women’s Committee of the Central Park Conservancy) or a mannish fedora to a downtown club, it makes a statement.  When a man walks inside wearing his hat, however appropriate it might be outdoors, I can only conclude that he is ill-mannered.  Which leads to my meditation of the day: why is it that so many men think that wearing a porkpie hat while cruising through a museum, honing pickup moves at a bar or taking a prospective parents’ tour of an elite private school (which I witnessed) is in good taste?

Guys: sun, snow, rain or just for the joy of it—definitely consider headgear.  Inside, unless covering the head for religious reasons, hats off, please.

Credit:  Alan Behr

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